Was Getting Better and Then Worse?? (Help Please)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mario martz, Mar 9, 2016.

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      So... i been having this tinnitus for almost a month now.
      to be honest it has been very mild, and i only had problem to sleep the very first night i got T.
      i tried to not paying attention to it and just relax (T was not "that" annyoing anyways)
      my ETN told me that i seem to have Eustachian tube dysfunction so i been taking my meds.
      and i have a experience a relief and i even experienced a few moments of complete silence..in the last days.
      however last night while i was going to sleep i started to notice the pitch was a little bit annoying (is it a spike?)
      and it was a total nightmare :( i could only sleep for an hour.
      i need to mention that i spent 5 days with my best friend and she was having a cold and flu.
      am i experiencing a spike because of possibly catching a cold?
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      Neuronmodulation suggests noise induced?

      Do you have a cold yourself?a spike can occur for multiple reasons,it's mostly not known as to why it happens.
      Unless you experience a sudden exposure to loud noise,or perhaps a cold.There could be many reasons.

      Have you tried some ambient noise while trying to go to sleep?

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