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Discussion in 'Support' started by Eric Winch, Jun 15, 2011.

    1. Eric Winch

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      Well i just got in to see a hearing dr. waited 3 months for the apt. and all i was told was i should not use Q tips to clean my ears. lolol 3 mths wait, 1 hr. in the office a hearing test and he tells me dont use Q tips? Oh well i didnt realy expect anything anyway. If some wrote a book on curing T ......ill wait for the movie. Anyway just wanted to vent.lolol
    2. Jim

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      Ha ha! Reminds me of the time I went to the podiatrist for plantar fasciitis. Doctor told me to "try to stay off your feet". Oookay! Thanks doc...
    3. Rozier

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      Loud noise exposure
      That's funny...stay off your feet. I'm certain I've spent something north of fifteen grand on doctors and their useless recommendations in my attempts to end my tinnitus. I could have simply stayed off my feet for all the good I did myself.
      Yes, I went everywhere, and was seen by every doctor. I made it my mission in life, and came away with nothing. No relief what so ever.
      "Fame", Tom Petty said, "Fame favors the few and lets the rest go free".
      Tinnitus, I think, kills the joy and lets the rest of you live.
    4. Jamie

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      1989 Ear Infection 2015 Coming off Benzo
      I had a similar experience, waited 6 months for a appointment with an ENT specialist. When I got there he was running an hour late, I think he must have looked at the next case and thought 'Great a Tinnitus case I can make up some time here' because I walked in and sat down he introduced himself, started to explain what T is (Like I don't know after 23 years of it), said there is no cure and that I just have to learn to live with it. Bundled me out the door wondering what had just happened.
      Next time I will take my wife as support and have a list of questions and suggestions.

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