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      Hello again Dr. Nagler! So my question here is not so much about asking you a question and you giving me a direct answer cause T is so mysterious that theres probably not an easy answer but would just love your imput on it anyway. My sister is getting married soon and there will be a reception ofcorse with music. I have a very quiet T, cant notice it unless in a quiet room and has stayed that way for almost 6 months since i
      first got it. Am doing pretty much the best i can with protecting, although i dont avoid eating out at louder places and occasional bars that get loud. I want my sisters wedding to be enjoyable for me , cause its supose to be a beautiful thing in life seeing loved ones get married, but am just constantly worrying if those couple hours at the reception are gonna change my T. Im sure you have been too tons of weddings with T, so any advice would be great! Thanks for your time!
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      Hi @Grace -

      Go to the wedding. Fully share in your sister's joy. Dance your legs off at the reception. Have a ball.

      Now listen to me carefully. I want you to assume that your tinnitus will get louder temporarily afterwards. It likely won't, but I want you to assume it will.

      Bring brightly colored foam earplugs with you - bring many pair in case some other guests want some. Make a fashion statement!!! Insert the plugs when the band is playing or whenever the noise level in the room is so loud that you have to raise your own voice in order to be heard by the person standing next to you. Or leave 'em in during the entire reception - a few hours of possible overprotection won't kill you. That way you can rest assured that any increase in your tinnitus volume - however unlikely - will be due to the excitement of the day rather than to auditory damage from the noise, and it should settle down on its own.

      Have a wonderful time on a wonderful occasion!!!

      Dr. Stephen Nagler

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