Well, Tinnitus Is a Bit Rubbish! Diagnosed with Mild-Moderate Hearing Loss in the High Frequencies

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      Hearing loss
      Hi I am 59, fit and healthy as far as I knew until two months ago I started experiencing a high pitched constant whine, like a distant high pitched burglar alarm. As I am sure you'll remember from when it first started this is extremely annoying and you wonder how you're going to carry on for the rest of your life with this going on. Mine sounds quite loud when the room is quiet, but I can normally hear it even when there is noise around me. I would rate it as 4 out of 10 for volume.

      I have mild to moderate hearing loss at the high end, detected via hearing test last week; I'm not aware of it otherwise.

      I am clinging to the hope that I will get used to it over time and would value your story if you were able to do this.

      Best wishes to you all!

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