What Are the Chances of Ototoxic SSHL Recovery?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Skydog07, Jan 20, 2022.

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      I've had tinnitus since April due to reasons unknown that I've habituated to fairly well, but since December, I've had the hardest time getting used to a decline in my hearing caused by Sildenafil. As a 21 year old, this is so dumb of me and I'm sure I didn't need to take it, I was just dumb and curious. I don't have a profound hearing loss, but I would say around 15-20% of my hearing is gone on both sides.

      Is there any chance I might recover somewhat over time? I feel like the recovery rate for SSHL is smaller than for tinnitus, which is already unlikely to begin with. Just looking for some commentary because I don't know what to do and I'm depressed as hell. I went to an ENT after my ER visit for the SSHL, but he didn't even believe I had hearing loss because it wasn't detected from the hearing test - bringing me to even more confusion. Is this what people refer to as "Hidden Hearing Loss"? Or maybe the test didn't check for frequencies included in my loss?

      Really just looking for some hope. Last question if anyone can help, are any of the current developing treatments going to be of help for ototoxic sufferers? Like FX-322?

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