What Can We Do to Raise Awareness of Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Awareness & Fundraising' started by Aurélien, Apr 8, 2019.

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      Hey here.

      I have recently been wondering if we could do something here... there is more and more people on this forums and more and more people suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus all around the world. And I am sure we can do more than waiting for a cure.

      And I hate to wait, not because I am not patient, but because I want to feel useful about it. We have mostly got tinnitus thanks to this society who is all about consuming more and more. More parties, more alcohol, louder headphone...

      We know that media does not really care about these health issues. But I am sure we can do something.

      I was wondering about giving some money all together to pay a video producer/maker to make an awesome short video about tinnitus/hyperacusis on YouTube. And then to ask influencers to promote it. Then we will see if it has a good traffic and think about the next step.

      This thread is about giving ideas so that we just stop "waiting" in pain and start taking actions toward a cure or at least to make prevention about it.
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      What about we all save money and the person or company who finds a cure will get all the money?

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