What Exactly Is Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by strato2009, Jun 17, 2016.

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    1. strato2009

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      I am talking about the most common high pitch ringing type of tinnitus most people get

      Some people tell it's the hearing hair cells damaged, but is there proof?

      I would like to know what causes the sound in our ears/heads since I can't find solid info on this.
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    2. Mike TerMaaten

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      It's the damage that either internal causes ( like certain medications ) or external causes ( like Concerts, other high level and high frequency noises ..that God never intended for the Human Ear to tolerate ) that you've exposed your Ears too.

      It's the SCARS on your Ear Nerve, that you will now have to work your Entire Life to not aggravate ( if you want some level of Relief at least ) while your Ear Nerve heals. And unfortunately Nerves heal Very Slowly.

      It's the deterioration of your Ear Nerve, similar to Type II diabetics have deteriorated their cells/ chemistry ....And your Body ( in this case your Ear Nerve ) is no longer ' like new '.

      Pray that your body will heal itself.

      I was scared as HELL when i thought it was the inner ear hair cells damaged thing too.

      I honestly don't believe that now. Because my Ears are Quiet these days. They only Ring i get is when i eat Foods with MSG ( like a Jack N the Box Chicken Sandwich ) ..and don't exercise and swim almost daily.

      Then i can hear all the Scars on my Ear Nerve again ( to a lessor extent of course

      I live a life pretty much free from Speakers. Except for a little iPod and headphones. I use my cell phone on speaker phone and keep it away from my head / ears.

      It's kinda of a crazy thought, to think that i probably never will go in a Movie Theatre again. Or to a Concert. Or to a Bar, with loud music. ..........Or what RREEEEEEALLLY has me pissed, to a Gentlemen's Club that has Pro Audo equipment/ speakers playing. ( there's still quiet massage parlors )
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    3. strato2009

      strato2009 Member

      Is there scientific studies that prove the source of the noise?

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