What Happens to Brain Neurotransmission While Sleeping? Tinnitus Is Usually Louder After Sleep

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Aug 30, 2016.

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      I really think a large portion of the loudness of my T (not all of it however) is based on glutamate and gaba neurotransmission.

      The reason I believe this is because of medication I have taken that affects glutamate or gaba can have an effect on my T (though not all the time and I am not sure why).

      Does anyone know if these neurons or chemicals in the brain change during sleep? T seems to be louder after waking up.

      At first I thought maybe it was me grinding my teeth or the maybe some kind of blood circulation issue but it can't be because I took a very short nap the other day while sitting up and my T was louder (more static). I know I did not grind my teeth.
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      out of curiousity, what is the soundscape like in the room you sleep in? I've noticed that I get a lot less morning spikes since I stopped sleeping with a fan/other noise, and started sleeping with earplugs a lot of the time...
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      I used to have to have a fan on but now that I have been taking a medication that helps me on average (at least so far) deal with T better it can be rather quiet other than when the central air conditioner is running.

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