What If Half of My Hair Cells Are Flattened? I Hope My Hearing Can Recover Somewhat

Discussion in 'Support' started by parabellum, Aug 25, 2020.

    1. parabellum

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      Acoustic trauma
      I am so scared now. I have been suffering from tinnitus since early 2014. I wish I took better care of my ears after I got tinnitus. I should have been better at protecting my ears from loud noises.

      I probably suffered from several acoustic traumas in which I should have been wearing ear plugs, but I didn't. In 2020 I suffered from three acoustic traumas.

      I am worried that half of my ear hairs are flattened by now. I hope my hearing loss can recover somewhat. My audiogram came back normal luckily. However, when I listen to music it doesn't seem as loud and sharp. It also doesn't sound as good as it used to earlier in 2020.

      My life is finished...
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    2. Alex Vorn

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      Ear Infection
      Maybe regenerative technology will help you in the nearest future but I am mostly skeptical about anything related to "regenetion".

      How did you manage to get 3 more acoustic traumas in 2020?

      Did you do it on purpose or how was it possible...?

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