What If Your Tinnitus Is Caused by Stress?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Littlebailey, Apr 25, 2014.

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      and if your T goes away when your stress goes away, are you okay to listen to loud sounds again? At least as okay as anyone else who doesn't have T, and seems to be able to live a normal life just fine, i.e. going to movies, loud restaurants, if not obvious no-nos for anyone really like concerts or blaring on your headphones, etc.

      If T that is caused by stress/anxiety as the original root cause, the ear hairs are not damaged?
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      I would think so, yeah. If stress is the reason, then it would seem there wouldn't be any structural damage to the ears, so I don't know why you wouldn't be able to do "normal" stuff. With that said, I don't think my tinnitus is caused by stress, but I'm not sure what it is. And I've been to two movies since having tinnitus and I haven't had any negative affects from it.
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      I read somewhere that the thinking behind stress-caused T works is that the blood vessels in your ear aren't working properly or normally, and somehow that causes it, and when the stress passes and the normal physiological functioning returns, then so does the T go away. Although I also heard that the 'fight or flight' response is on high alert when under exceptional stress and anxiety, and that somehow could cause it too, regardless of any other physical changes that stress might cause.

      In any case there definitely seems to be anecdotal examples of people getting ringing in their ear from stress, and then it going away when the stress does, whatever the functioning of the whole thing might have been.
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      HI - my T I believe is 100% down to stress - no other reason for it at all from the usual that is offered

      So from my view point I can say that my stress or the issues in my life that built up over time and Im talking a few years have now all passed but I still have my T - I was told it will go / settle - and it has to be fair become in my mind a lot less 'loud' or I think it has or maybe it's that I have taken control and have habituated ?

      That's why its so difficult to say will it go - mine hasn't but Im not bothered by it anymore - it annoys the hell out of me in the early hours if I wake up which I did last night - but in time you build ways of coping and without boring you with my routines - if you do find your T stays as the stresses in your life move on ( I hope they do soon for you ) then you will find ways to cope and adjust.

      100% I wish you all the luck I can that this T will dis-appear out of your life and leave you alone !

      I would say therefore live life - have fun, dont let it rule you take the usually precautions to protect your hearing that is sensible - go and watch films, I avoid loud music (too old for concerts now lol) but I went to a wedding and there was a band - ear plugs at the ready take them everywhere - as the next day I dont want the buzzy ringing you get from noise exposure to add to my annoying T thing or chance making it worse.

      Good luck and I hope things work out for you - Cher x
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      @Cher69 Thank you. Best of luck to you too.

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