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How long did your Tinnitus last

  1. 2-6 weeks

  2. 2-3 months

  3. 6-12months

  4. 1-2 years

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  5. 2+ years its still "hear"

    1. Ifeel4U

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      I have had tinnitus for the last 2 weeks now. I have been to an ENT who said my hearing is fine.. I have an MRI next week just to be safe.

      I was wondering for the people whom have it come and go or completely disappear.. what is considered "early stage" (time wise) where the likely hood of it going away more positive and probable?

      Mine came suddenly while i was laying in bed 2 weeks ago. I wasnt listen to music or at a concert. Just showed up. The Neurologist did this test and said its not the nerve so "most likely it will go away".. However, it seem like the people on the forum have it for good and said that what all the Doc have told them...
    2. Grace
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      I had a bad noise exposure 8 monthes ago and had T really loud for two days.. Then after that i woke up and it was gone.. So i thought but then the more and more i listened i still have minor hissin and noises but barely audible.. So after the 2 days it dropped to almost nothing.. But its noticeable in quiet envirements and reacts to things.. Also got a morsecode. Ive heard it can take weeks/ monthes to go away/ drop down permanently just takes time.
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    3. citigirl13

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      All being well it will just go - and it can go at any time. I would say after 2 years it is more likely to be permanent BUT that being said, my mother has a friend who had it leave AFTER 2 years, so obviously it can go. I read somewhere that one guy had it for 16 years and it went, so it is never impossible that it will go. You are in the early stages at the moment so don't worry, it can easily go.

      You are doing the right thing with getting an MRI. T can be (very rarely) but a sign of a tumour, though I would think that there would be other signs of that. It may be worth having a blood test too, because sometimes T can be because of diabetes. A general check-over will not do you any harm.

      What I would advise is:
      • Don't panic - you will only cause yourself worry which won't help you. Try to relax and remember that it terms of having T two weeks is nothing - time is on your side
      • Eat well - if your body is struggling than it may need time to heal, so having a good diet will help your body
      • Sleep - again, your body will recover better if you are well-rested. Hopefully you are not struggling, but if you are I would advise using a masker to cover the sound. If needed, use meds to help you sleep, but remember meds should only be a temporary solution
      • Distract - do all the things that you love despite your T, though please wear ear protection if you are anywhere loud. Watch your favourite film, read a good book, see friends etc. Keeping your mind off T will help you de-stress and put things in perspective. It will be difficult at first, but the more you do it the easier it gets. If you find yourself thinking about T, think to yourself, "I can't think about T, I have to think about THIS..." and just keep doing it. Again, more difficult than it sounds, but it will happen
      • Exercise - this is a proven way of reducing stress/anxiety. It can be anything - swimming, running, horse-riding etc. Getting outside is very good for anxiety, and it will help
      Honestly, try not to think about T. Your chances of it going are very good. As I've said, it's only been two weeks
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    4. AUTHOR

      Ifeel4U Member

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      Thanks everyone. I hope this goes away and just doesn't "die down" . I can take the EEEEE all day and night.. melatonin has helped for the last 3 nights and i found a white noise machine.. that kinda works... still waking up at 4:30am every morning... hope its leaves soon.. I dont know how people get use to it and just sleep..
    5. Nich

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      This is excellent advice!
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    6. Jay M

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      If youre taking 3mg of mel you might notice slight headaches.
    7. Jof

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