What Is the Best Loud White Noise Device?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jon R., Feb 21, 2015.

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      Nothing in my house can get rid of the rumbling deep vibrating hum I have in my left ear, except that is 2 things. One is my air conditioner on its very loudest setting, but now during the winter it won't work as it s colder already than the unit will work under, and I also don't fancy being freezing.

      The second item that works is my central heating boiler, but I have to be stood right by it for it to mask the noise. I need louder the better, my fan on 3rd power setting is not loud enough, so I am stuck. I have tried multiple items together.

      Any ideas ?
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      Excellent sounds, a lot of them sound like my tinnitus. Do you think these loaded on to a white noise player is best, or just a portable stereo ?

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