What Is the Best Way to Reduce the Intensity of Benzo-Induced Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Beste, May 31, 2016.

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      Hi all
      Today it has been 4 months that I got my T. As far as I understand from the comments from the forum, it is not going anywhere by its own at this moment. I had my T from benzos which I quit abruptly and I'm having head buzzing, sizzling, hissing and electrical sensation.

      T has all but destroyed my life. I really hate myself to let my loved ones down. I'm alright with T is not going anywhere but I really want it to reduce its intensity. I have it 8-9/10 and I'd be the happiest person in the whole world I can manage it to be 2-3/10.

      I need to choose the right drug or treatment to start with. I have been reading all of the threads related to drugs but I do not know which one is the most efficient for my case. I want you all to know that I want to make myself a lab rat because I have nothing to lose at the moment since I am frequently considering to end my life.

      Thank you
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      Can you post your audiogram?
      Not saying you should do this, but did you ever get back on benzo's to see if it went away?

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