What Is the Medical Connection Between Tinnitus & Diabetes?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Johnny Gainor, Apr 14, 2022.

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      Tinnitus Since:
      1997 aprox.
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Maybe working with bands / working in Medication Hoods
      Hello to everyone,

      I have had TINNITUS since around 1996 - it's an annoying "hissing" sound, and it sounds like a constant faucet in my head - plus, I get bouts of diplacusis (hearing different pitches of tone in each ear) but this comes and goes. I also have a slight hearing distortion and on certain days people sound as if they are speaking through waxed paper - of course, nowadays, with many people in masks due to the pandemic, it's hard to understand speaking voices anyway.

      There were years when my tinnitus went into a kind of 'remission' but now that I am older, it seems to have gotten worse. Now I want people to know, I have tried just about everything from ear exercises, following people along on YouTube to do breathing techniques, taking Lipoflavonoid for years (doesn't really do much if anything) and now I have purchased natural Vit. B1 to add to my morning vitamin intake.

      I used to work as a nightclub singer for 17 years, but nowadays I work in a Cancer Center (go figure) and I mix and manipulate chemotherapeutic agents in a medication preparation hood. It's a little noisy but I do protect my ears when I can with earplugs. I cannot tolerate noisy areas, and being in a noisy restaurant for example is difficult, for I cannot hear the people at my table due to excessive background noise. I have about 90 percent decent hearing in my right ear and about 83% in my left and I am past 60 now. I can still make out music and who is singing what which is more than some people have. However, being a former musician, having your hearing impacted in any way is extremely difficult.

      In 2014 the doctors said I had an A1C of 6.5 so I was diagnosed as diabetic. With proper diet (most of the time) my A1C has gone down to 5.7 (not too bad) and I would just like to know from people, what is the connection between having TINNITUS and being DIABETIC? What are the best vitamins to use?

      Any assistance or information would be very much appreciated.

      Here's to everyone here hoping that they we all can cope together.

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