What Is the Point of Habituation If My Tinnitus Is Constantly Changing?

Discussion in 'Support' started by katriina, Feb 10, 2014.

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      Can I ever even be habituated? My T goes up and down, there are beep sounds and whistles, sometimes just one and sometimes many voices, sometimes loud and then again quiet... How can anyone ever be habituated with this? Should I just mask the noises as much as I can so long as they will find a cure for this :unsure: I think it's easier to habituate if you hear just one voice but this is driving me crazy!
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    2. Raul

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      yes you can cause that many voices not gonna stay for long, i used to have one voice constantly but when im stressed i keep hearing many voices and by time they keep fading away with the stress don't worry:)
    3. Dr. Nagler

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      Typically, you habituate to your tinnitus, not to any one particular tinnitus sound.

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      overuse of hearing protection, plus noise
      if your tinnitus is changing that is a sign your brain is trying to re wire itself - so that's a good thing. avoid noises totally, and make sure you get a lot of sleep, and at night time, have some quiet music, or CD of Restful Rain, of something, you will gradually get better. don't worry about the habituation, it will happen on its own.
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      Mine is constantly changing as well, and I have the same reservations about habituation. I do think I'm coping better than a couple of months ago, tho. At least when it's bad, I can hope that tomorrow will be a better day.
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    6. My T Sucks

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      I think the most important thing is HOPE. Whithout it, I would have been driven insane long ago. I look at it this way...if our brains can manage to dimish the noise if even for a little while every so often, then eventually, it'll get it right. At least I'm hoping it will. :)
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