What Is the Quietest Beard/Hair Clipper on the Market? Does Such a Thing Even Exist?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Snake, May 23, 2022.

    1. Snake

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      Hi, does anyone here use a clipper for beard trimming and know which one is the quietest one possible? I don't care about performance. Loudness is everything of course.

      I only use scissors but it can take HOURS to get my beard in acceptable shape for me and even then a couple of minutes with a clipper would give better results. A couple of days ago I tried a clipper on my beard with my trusted barber. I had earplugs in, and sadly the occlusion effect was so bad that I spiked for a day even when she tried to do it as fast and as gentle as she could (it lasted a couple of minutes) so I don't want to do it again because for sure doing that repeatedly would be a gamble when it comes to tinnitus worsening.

      But the effect is so good, my beard is finally perfect for the first time being at equal length everywhere, it just looks so clean compared to what you can do with scissors, no matter how hard you try.

      Is there out there any clipper that is objectively quiet enough for safe use? Even with earplugs in the occlusion effect should be lower because the clipper's sound itself is lower?

      Of course perfect beard is not worth tinnitus spiking or worsening but maybe someone has a recommendation for a quiet clipper that is safe to use for us?
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    2. Rockman

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      Excellent question! I hope someone has an answer. My hyperacusis beard is getting outta hand.
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      I have been cutting my own hair for years, I have come across all types of clippers, and unfortunately there is really not one that did not cause me to spike, they are all pretty loud. I cut my own hair with scissors, yes it takes longer, but I just can’t do clippers with my hyperacusis and tinnitus.
    4. Bambam0

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      Recently found these. They don’t go over 65 dB according to my phone.

      I have my barber use them. Only issue is there are only 5 guards and they’re on the shirt side so you have to keep short hair/beard.
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    5. GeorgeLG

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      I use a Norelco G370 with foam earplugs and headphones, then trim under my ears with scissors. iPhone meter says 71 dB.

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    6. Baker

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      I came across this YouTube video that may have some helpful information on this:

      DO NOT Buy the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0

      Is there are way to not get the occlusion effect? My understanding is the occlusion effect could mean it's actually louder inside your ear than if you didn't have earplugs?

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