What Is the Status of AM-101? Also, What Do You Think of Retigabine (Trobalt, Potiga)?

Discussion in 'Support' started by CarloZ, Oct 2, 2015.

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      I've had Tinnitus for a month. Now I think my tinnitus somewhat mild. It's loud and I hear over almost everything. But I've heard many stories in here that make my tinnitus seem mild. I have two tones. But I'm asking for status of AM101 because I'm afraid I'll reach a point where my tinnitus is extremely loud and I won't be able to bear it. It has gradually gotten more troubling after all since I've gotten it. Don't know if this will continue or maybe I'll stop soon. Anyways, few questions?
      What is the status of Am101? Will it be on the US market in the next few years?
      Does it only help people who've had tinnitus for less than 3 months? Or can it help people who've had it for a year or more?
      Do you know if it is effective?

      Also, what do you think of Potiga?
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      This might help you a little bit to answer your questions:

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