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Discussion in 'Support' started by Tim87, Oct 19, 2015.

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      Hey together,

      I have T since 4 weeks, right know I am feeling not so well for the moment.... I am from Germany, I received Infusions and I am taking B12 Magn. Zink and Vit D + moringa. My T was noise induced (using a machine for 40 Min outside). Right now there seems nothing special to be done (ENTs opinion).

      Today is my first day back in the office. I am driving about 30 Minutes to and from the office. Looks like an average of 65dB in my car.

      I have Problems with some metal sounds and with dishes touching each other. What is your opinion? Is this H or rather a high sensitivity due to T? Should I wear plugs while driving? How should I deal with "normal" sounds?

      Best Regards
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      Hi Tim, welcome to TT

      First of all, look for a 2nd opinion with another ENT, because some times it would be advisable to get a course of prednisone in the acute stages of Tinnitus.

      65db are nothing to worry about. Sometimes H comes in hand with T, but H is highly treatable most of the times. One of the methods is to gradually introduce yourself to those sounds (safe level sounds) that make your ears feel sensible of painfull. Don't overprotect yours ears from daily common sounds, because it can increase your H problem.

      For the T problem, it is hard to find a treatment, but you will learn that sooner than later your mind will habituate and it won't be a problem most of the time.

      You have 4 weeks, you still have great chances for your T to go away.

      Please protect always and forever your ears, use earplugs when going to parties, night clubs, concerts, loud events, using machines, etc...

      Things will improve for sure, keep working on it.

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      What a positive post @JohnnyMx ....Thanks :) I really try to keep calm without panic or anything but it is hard to get T out of focus. I even hear clicking when I swallow :/ but I guess its just normal due to the situation? Because I never had Problems with my ears before this.... my ENT audiogram was normal up to 8khz.

      My ENT gave me 10 Infusions also 3 with cortison. Does my sensibility sound like "real" H or is it just my situation/emotion connected with T? I can visit stores without anxiety or a higher heart frequency but car horns etc. are causing some kind of bad reactions.

      I am not sure pred is not a regular thing in germany I guess.

      I think I'll avoid parties/concerts etc. because.... I never wenn to Clubs often. Also just 3 or 4 concerts/Festivals in my life.
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      It does look like you have H as well. I would look into enrolling in the AM-101 trial is possible. Other than that, there really isn't anything more that can be done medically.

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