What's My Diagnosis? Teenager with Tinnitus, Never Been to a Concert, Sheltered from Loud Noises

Discussion in 'Support' started by Roh Jos, Jun 5, 2021.

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      Since the pandemic, I am absolutely sure I didn't listen to any loud noises. I've been holed up in my room/house because of the pandemic. I'm not deprived of exercise though, I do go out for the occasional rigorous bike ride/maybe run a bunch of rounds in my backyard. I am very young, still a teenager so I shouldn't have age-related hearing loss. I don't think I have any hearing loss because I can hear as well as ever (though I am going to a doctor today to test that, and then an ENT on Wednesday.)

      Some things I have done in the past 2-3 weeks are:

      a. Got dose 1 of the COVID-19 vaccine

      b. Sneezed 6-7 times in fast succession 1 or 2 weeks ago, really hard, not because of coronavirus. Now I am wondering whether I should have held my sneezes in.

      c. I may have gotten a couple pangs of ear hurt these past few days.

      d. There was a lot of wax in my ear and I removed most of it yesterday with hydrochloric acid and some ear picks (though not going to deep in my ear because I don't want to go too near my ear drums.)

      And done nothing else. I have never been to a loud music concert in my life and as far as I can tell, I have been pretty sheltered my entire life in relation to sound. In the past few years, my hearing has been awesome at every check-up.

      My tinnitus, a high pitch hissing noise, used to happen only at night time when I am about to sleep, or when I am slightly dizzy sometimes. However, in the past few days, it has come during the day a lot, though when I put on the fan or light background music its almost not there (I have almost never listened to music before my tinnitus lol.)

      I have been pretty scared the past few days because I am just a teenager and I don't want to live my entire life with tinnitus permanently.
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      Overloaded stress
      Your tinnitus can go away within a 3 month window. I would stay away from loud noise. Stress can wreak havoc also. Keep calm as much as you can.

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