When Doing the Valsalva Do You Push Past the Squeak?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jerry C, Mar 10, 2016.

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      My question is when doing the valsalva do you push past the squeak? I go right up to the feeling of some pressure on the drum, but I never get the pop everyone refers to. I then just get crackles when moving jaw, no pop either. I can feel it close to popping at times with the jaw but not quite. My left ear seems to get further along in the squeak than the right which traditionally feels fuller. After a valsalva filled up my ear once a while back and didn't depressurize for a day, been reluctant to push too much.

      Asking as I'm 5 days out from my ENT visit and am trying to treat Eustatian blockage which may be the root of my recently discovered hum. Turned out it wasn't the heat pumps or other buzzy things around the neighborhood. There is enough white noise to block things out at work, but home... Once I found the noise and cut off my fans to see where it was... Let's just say home and sleep are not in the same sentence lately save here.

      I'm currently self treating with fluconaise in the am, standard mucinex, ibuprofen, Zyrtec and suadaphed. Not sure if it will bring the swelling down and move things out, but am trying. I can't remember a day recently where either ear truly felt open. I do remember what that felt like so I am hoping that the blockage has something to do with my new ultra low buzz. Had tube issues as a kid and killer allergies so most of my life has been with semi backed up ears. Add an accuse sense of hearing and ocd/type a personality - I'm off to a great start

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