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Discussion in 'Support' started by Karen, Nov 30, 2014.

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      Hi, @dh42,

      It's good that you're going to see a TMJ expert in a few days, so you can determine if this might be a cause of your tinnitus. But, if that doctor/expert is unable to find a link, then the next step is to try to live with your tinnitus.

      The good news is, tinnitus usually does seem to improve with time. I don't think it's really because the noise is less; it's likely due to the fact that your brain becomes more accustomed to it. And that's what habituation is all about. You've come to the right place to find out more about habituation; many of us have experienced it, or are going through it right now. Habituation is a process that is different for each individual -- it would be impossible to put a time frame on it. What it's all about is training your mind to not care, or register, the tinnitus as something important. It's about distraction, and living your life as normally as possible.

      I'm sure others on this forum will have additional comments or suggestions for you. You are already on the right track by not becoming emotionally involved with, or fearful of, your tinnitus.

      Stay strong, and we're glad you've joined us. Please do let us know what happens after your TMJ doctor appointment.

      Best wishes,
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      Thanks, Karen!

      What's interesting is my Tinnitus decreased by about 80% last night to where I could barely even notice it. Woke up today and back to the higher level. But I have had a few of these moments where it drops. I notice when I bite down the tone of the sound changes. Is that common? It kind of makes me think more and more it may be TMJ related.

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