Where Has Silence Gone?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Gabby, May 21, 2019.

    1. Gabby

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      I am sure all of you can agree with me when I say my life has never been the same ever since I noticed the strange ringing in my ears.

      I’ve prayed, meditated, tried to ignore it, mask the sound that follows me everywhere I go. It seems like I can’t be alone most of my time now days; I need constant sound surrounding me. I need voices, music, city noises to forget how fucking done I am with this.

      This feels more like a punishment. I don’t remember what silence is and the more the years go by the more hopeless I feel. Three years and counting. I used to be more optimistic when I used to think maybe a miracle would happen. This isn’t life.

      How do you cope with this? Not a soul who doesn’t know what this feels like will understand me.
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    2. Mikejl46

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      Not sure,
      I think to myself I could have worse health problems, and be thankful this is all I have, I'm still able to do everything I need to do. I guess that's what keeps me going.
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    3. Manny

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      central gain << NIHL
      I know how you feel, all too well. This noise can really crush one's soul. Why us? Who knows. Hugs.
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    4. Daniel Lion

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      Noise trauma, hearing loss
      Yup... it's horrible... I cried today after taking my kids to school. I was talking to my wife about it... sometimes it's really really hard, sometimes it's easier...

      Peace be with you.
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    5. Digital Doc

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      noise induced
      The tinnitus, when loud is quite intrusive. I had it that bad for some months last year with it waking me up after sleeping a few minutes.

      On the one hand, part of me is thankful that this tinnitus warned me about the path that I was to end up with hearing loss before it occurred. I also realized that I was stronger than this, and to focus on the tinnitus getting just a little quieter each night when I was going to sleep.

      I also resolved to do whatever in my power to get this better. I use earplugs at night for "acoustic rest," and believe this has helped greatly. I also take omega3 daily, and think this has helped as well, as it is a known anti-inflammatory. At this point I religiously protect my ears from any and noise exposure as best I can, and use a variety of earplugs, and a pair of ear muffs to do this (I also avoid overprotection and don't use earplugs all day, nor do I ear them to work or most places to shop). Finally, I take green tea most days, but am guessing it does not do much, other than avoid caffeine that makes some folks tinnitus worse.

      Feel better soon, keep focusing on what actions are in your control to prevent further damage, and make it better.
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    6. Strife_84

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      Mixing music for long hours and too loud I guess.
      I sure miss the silence.

      I never thought I could miss something so... Normal.
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