Why Conventional Medicine Is Untrustworthy

Discussion in 'Health Talk' started by Leodavinci, Aug 3, 2016.

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      I remember having bag back acne in my early 20s and reading about remedies online. I also read a mainstream medical advice site that said there were no cures for acne and it was not caused by certain foods.

      Later I visited a dermatologist whos singular recommendation was to take oral antibiotics. I refused.

      Two years later I began using Neutrogena on my face and back instead of dove or a similar soap. Within days my acne was dramatically reduced and I remember how amazed I was that the dermatologist was so useless and the mainstream medical advice so spectacularly wrong. Something as simple as an allergy or sensitivity to certain soaps or a harshness of a soap caused 80% odds my acne.

      When I hit 30 I began gaining weight despite eating a low fat diet that I had been on for years which asking with regular rigorous exercise kept me lean and fit. As I at lower and lower amounts of fat to compensate for my weight gain I gained even more weight while still working out regularly. I came across good calories bad calories in the bookstore a few months later and read the long tomb of a book in 4 days. I was amazed that the lipid hypothesis that dietary fat makes you fat had zero basis in science.

      Medical consensus in the West has been so spectacularly wrong, repeatedly and in areas where the science is very clear that it is clearly a broken institution that cannot be trusted for medical advice.

      I believe this applies to all allopathic medicine. Combine this with the average doctors avarice and poor training and the medical advice they dispense deserves deep skepticism.

      Western medicine is a profit driven failure and i an their profit center not their patient.
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      I'm skeptical of everything, more or less. That said, all the criticisms that you're lobbing at conventional medicine are more true of nearly all "alternative" medicine. Alt med is profit driven, as well, and subject to significantly less regulation and scrutiny than conventional medicine.

      On the acne thing specifically; acne is pretty conclusively bacterial overgrowth on skin, but the reasons for this can be varied (and might relate to gut metabolism in significant ways). So, you can generally cause a symptom reduction with antibiotics, but you're not actually fixing the problem (and may provoke further gut dysbiosis). Actually fixing the problem might come down to individual sensitivities, and require very extensive individual experimentation. (For instance, my own acne gets better or worse based on specific food consumption and specific minerals, but I would not expect those exact things to work in general). So, antibiotics are "reasonable" medically in that they will reliably cause a symptom reduction in most people with acne; whether or not this is actually a good idea, is a different story. But, you should also not be so quick to imply there's a huge consensus on that issue, based on the couple doctors you've seen -- I have seen a number of conventional allopathic MDs who are negative in general about antibiotics, and would not recommend them to me for acne.

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