Why make yourself hear it?!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Beth, Dec 4, 2013.

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      quite a while...
      :unsure:I have been looking at some older postings and I think they were in the alternative treatment section and one particular message got my attention. Someone said that when they weren't on drugs they would go into a quiet room, stick their fingers in their ears and 'freak out ' if they could hear it! Why do that?!! If you're living life without hearing it most of the time then thank God that you don't have much of a problem. I hear mine all the time unless I'm very busy in a noisy environment and even then I hear it as soon as I think about it. I would give my life savings (not much I admit) to be in that position. I just don't understand why people torture themselves by making it appear when it's not there.

      Sorry about the gripe but today is a bad day. Jet plane volume on waking and headache all day because of the loudness. If you have times when you don't hear it, please just enjoy those moments and be thankful; don't go looking for it.
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      Beth -I wish we all can learn not to hear T when we have T.
      it seems we are deliberately and actively listen to T .I wish we can learn to actively pay attention on other things and not listen to T.

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