Will My Tinnitus Go Away?

Discussion in 'Support' started by carlos28, Jan 16, 2015.

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      Hey guys. About 3-4 days ago I began hearing a faint chirping noise inside my head. The sound isn't very loud but I can hear it when it's quiet and I listen for it. When I'm working or with friends I tend to forget for a while I have it. Regardless it is very bothersome. I haven't been exposed to loud noise in recent memory although I did have a very nasty cold last week most likely brought on by allergies that I had up until Sunday. I went on Wednesday to have my ears syringed and cleaned of wax but it's to no avail as I still hear it. Should I go see a specialist? Should I also keep listening to music from my earphones? (I listen to it just a bit more than at half) I'm 19 and I can't see me living the rest of my life like this. Please help. Thanks.
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      I would be cautious with this chirping. Avoid loud noises for the time being, including your in ear entertainment. Its sounds like its quite low now and if it increases (as it can do) you will be kicking yourself you didn't take some precautions. Id say it will resolve itself with some time if you don't do some more damage. If its from anything other than noise, then that's a different matter and may need to be investigated

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