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Discussion in 'Support' started by mike, Apr 12, 2012.

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      Mike -
      I had a little trouble at first viewing this video you had posted of William Shatner. It looked like a blank post at first, then after a few seconds it started.

      William Shatner brings us hope.
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      Here is a video of Shatner & Letterman in 1996 talking about their T with a less serious tone (I guess due to being in a talk show). After watching this a few years back, it eases my anxiety a lot about my T, knowing that these guys have it too (Shatner said he was suicidal too initially) and yet they manage to still live a productive life and are now still doing fine.

      David Letterman with William Shatner - March,...
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      i grew up watching star trek,i find being connected to others on this site does help with coping,we are certainly not alone,after a year and a half i deal with and adapt to this condition and of course i live a normal life as much as possible,but i do have to stay away from theatres and concerts for my own good ! staying mostly positive and hopeful ,kevin
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      Really helps me knowing celebrities have T too and yet some of theres are more severe or less severe than some of us they still play on, act, and go about there lives. Being in the highlight pretty much everytime they walk out of there house including on set, talk shows, vmas, concerts, etc there exposed to the obvious amount of noise. I remember barbara streisand said she got T as a kid and supposively its loud yet she chose singing at first as a career, then acting and i freakin love her in meet the fockers shes hilarious. Wish they would go
      More indepth about there T, has it worsened over the years etc. obviously if it has they still carry on except phil collins i know has T extremely bad so he quit for a while but hes also up there in age. Chris martin from coldplay says his hasnt got any worse in the 14 years hes had it, so hopefully he can go a long time without it worsening, cause age does matter.. People loose hearing naturally getting older so those with T will eventually have it worsen some but preventing and takin the precautions will help alot cause
      Most dont protect so were all above the rest in that part :)

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