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December 13
Information Technology


Member, Male, from Canada

Thank you all for the kind words. We all do our part to help others from their suffering. Aug 21, 2015

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Apr 28, 2017 at 11:32 PM
    1. RonnieCarzatto
      I re-read your success story on my darkest days. Thank you for writing it. It has been life saver, literally.
    2. Tony Phylactou
      Tony Phylactou
      Thank you so much .you have given us all hope from your story.God Bless you
    3. Kristin VT
      Kristin VT
      I'm new here and also suffer from constant, loud tinnitus. I'm very interested to hear any suggestions you might have, especially as regards masking noise and tools for getting to sleep. My T is loud enough to keep me awake all night. Thank you in advance for any direction you might have time to offer!
    4. Jeff M.
      Jeff M.
      Billie48, Happy Holidays my friend!! You are the bomb! Thanks for all you do! You have been an amazing help to me and a huge advocate for all here on TT!!! All the best to you!! Jeff
      1. billie48
        Thank you Jeff. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you. I am humbled by your compliment. Just trying to help the sufferers like other members here on TT, yourself included. Together, we can hopefully make it a better day for others who are still struggling and who need some advise to help them out of their suffering. Take care my friend. God bless.
        Dec 24, 2016
    5. Robert Gratton
      Robert Gratton
      Y do some clan that they found a cure only to find its a lie these people are bad for example one person said just buy certain foods and it would clear it but he wants money if this was me and I found a cure I give it away free to help people not make money from people who need help badly shame on themy you know if who you are
    6. Heather415
      Thanks for the like and the support, billie. I can tell your words come from the knowledge of personal experience, and its such an inspiration that you've turned the pain and anguish into a positive thing. Its very hard to do, this forum is proof of how hard it is to do.
    7. attheedgeofscience
      Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Billie48!
    8. Daniel Nichols
      Daniel Nichols
      3 weeks into my first spike (always had a little very high pitched t)... hanging in there. I think we have the same freq... very very high, difficult to mask. Hard to sleep...
    9. billie48
      Thank you all for the kind words. We all do our part to help others from their suffering.
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    10. Bart
      Hey Billy, you are such an awesome inspiration to many sufferers, keep up the good work !
      1. Bran350 likes this.
    11. Shadgirl
      Oh wow you do allot on hear! I only know how to pose questions and start conversations. Whats the profile for who sees it and how do you use everything on it? I want to get more involved in case I do start feeling as good as you do.
    12. Teresa1958
      Thank you for your encouraging posts. I always feel a bit better reading your posts during this stressful time.
      1. billie48
        Thank you Teresa. I hope you feel better. Keep positive.
        Jan 14, 2015
    13. Henry 417
      Henry 417
      Hi Billie! T has over time increased my empathy and I know that positivity is the key to helping others and yourself succeed. Keep up the good work and be the light in the midst of darkness!
    14. srfames
      billie I sure would like to chat to you

    15. billie48
      1. leslye likes this.
      2. billie48
        Habituation for me began when I finally decided to accept tinnitus and hyperacusis. Peaceful coexistence over painful and emotional resistance. Even loud and high pitch tinnitus is livable. I don't have to like my tinnitus, but I choose to make peace with it. So peace be with you all.
        Jan 6, 2014
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    16. billie48
      from darkness to light
      1. billie48
        My tinnitus is ultra high pitch shrill and hyperacusis was piercingly hurtful like scratching glass surface with metal. I also had relentless anxiety and panic attacks. I was in a living hell a few years back, but now I am back to normal living a full and enjoyable life. I thought back then I would never recover. But never say never. My tinnitus hasn't changed. I have.
        Jan 6, 2014
      2. billie48
        The darkness of tinnitus can be replaced by the light of living our life abundantly. Freedom from tinnitus is possible. Be patient, have hope, and give it time. God bless your recovery.
        Jan 6, 2014
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    I suffered tinnitus and hyperacusis very badly a few years back, with ultra high pitch screaming tinnitus and piercingly hurtful hyperacusis. They together opened the flood gate of hell of relentless anxiety and panic attacks. The sufferings were so intense that I thought I would never be able to have my good life back. But never say never. With the help of many kind and experienced folks, and by listening to their collective wisdom, with gradual switching to more positive approach, my life is back to normal nowadays. Tinnitus still rings with its ultra high pitch, but it has lost its tyranny over me. I don't care a dime about it and I live my life abundantly to compensate for tinnitus suffering (if any). Tinnitus is livable and beatable even if not cured. Don't give up hope and have faith that you can be well in due TIME. God bless.


    Postivity is a life force! If life has to be lived one way or another, why not live it positively? Nothing to lose but much more to gain by being positive.
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