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Discussion in 'Support' started by cowdodge, Mar 13, 2016.

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      I have taken Xanax for almost 15 years and decided that it's not helping me with my tinnitus anymore. I have only taken two tabs a day at .025 per tab. I'm tapering at 1/4 of a tab per week. Is this fast?

      My doctor stated to me a much slower withdrawal but his period of time would be five years as we figured? I'm concerned that at that pace I will be long gone.

      What signs should I look for for problems with my program? My tinnitus still bothers me but I can live with that but the drug well it seems to be doing nothing so why keep on taking it?
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      As someone who has withdrawn from benzos after years, I'd say go as fast as you can tolerate. 5 years sounds a bit long, but it took me almost that long to withdraw successfully.
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      I know how u feel. This is how I feel. Except I would go slow like Doc said, he actually sounds like he cares.
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      The Ashton manual recommends switching to Valium because of its longer half life and tapering down from there. If you want to get a few second opinions call different pharmacists and see what they say.

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