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      I, like a lot of people, have been afraid to post here because I believe talking about my tinnitus will somehow make it worse. Here’s my story...

      In January, I started having noise in my left ear. After having endoscopic sinus surgery, and a lot of ENT visits, it was figured out that the noise was coming from a retracted ear drum.

      I felt great in March/April, and the conditions in my left ear have slowly gotten better (they were completely gone, now back but minor).

      My issue comes in my right ear. I became aware of my tinnitus in my right ear when I was having the left ear problems. However, it was always so minor I never noticed. In early May, I had some sinus problems/pressure/cold and went to family doctor. Got a steroid shot and things slowly started clearing up, until I got hit with something else right after (back to back cold/sinus infection/ I have no idea). The right ear tinnitus (high pitch E - but not overwhelming loud) has definitely picked up since that early May sickness and I cannot seem to get my mind off of it.

      It bothers me the most when I try to sleep , and the more I read the less hope I seem to have. I have been to 4 ENTs, two I found useless and the other two differ in their opinions as to what is wrong.

      I am scheduled to have ear tubes put in in about 3 weeks but have no idea whether those will help or not. I have had multiple hearing tests, including two after I had my colds in which one showed hearing loss in right ear and other showed no changes.

      I’m searching for answers, with seemingly infinite questions, and I am losing hope quickly that this ringing will be something I can live with.
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      Not sure,
      That's true, every time I come here to read my tinnitus spikes a bit.
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      Earwax buildup or iron deficiency
      It is perfectly fine to read and understand about tinnitus and some coping techniques at the very early stage after the onset. It will greatly help to new sufferers. Once you have learnt enough, the best this is to stop reading online and try get on with the life as usual. By keep coming here, not only you make the tinnitus a part of your daily life but also train the brain to obsess with the sound. After knowing that there is no known cure for tinnitus and the great advice from my ENT doctor, I stopped reading about tinnitus for two good years right after the onset which I strongly believe helped me to get my old life back.
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      Ototoxic Drug
      Hi @CapitalHandle -- It seems your current tinnitus is related to those recent colds/infections you've been dealing with. This post that I made recently gives a description of what I feel is a good way to control those factors: -- What Medication Have You Tried to Get Relief?

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