Worse Hearing with Normal Audiogram?

Discussion in 'Support' started by lolkas, Jun 25, 2022.

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      Hey everyone!

      Question here. I have done an audiogram last week due to a spike in my left ear and feeling that I hear worse from it than from my right ear.

      The standard audiogram up to 8 kHz does not show any measurable hearing loss. What is weird is that it definitely feels like my left ear has worse hearing compared to my right ear by about 20% (but not all sounds).

      What can I make out of this? Was the audiogram performed inaccurately or can I now have worse hearing loss above 8 kHz and that is why my hearing feels like that?
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      The audiogram was not performed inaccurately. The audiogram is a highly inaccurate way of measuring hearing.
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      The audiogram is a very limited test which measure pure tone input (= decibel = "quantity"), but not hearing quality.

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