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    1. ...know about our community!

      Every mention of Tinnitus Talk (with a link to our site) helps the community gain traction, making it easier for the newcomers to find us.

      All of this is optional, of course, but if any of the below apply to you and you are willing to lend a hand, then that's awesome!

      • Do you write a blog? If the subject of your blog permits it, you could write a blog post describing your tinnitus and how it all started with a mention and a link back to Tinnitus Talk.
      • If you have another type of website that is health related, Tinnitus Talk would be proud to be included in your site as a link / mention.
      • Do you frequent and post on other health forums? If there's talk about tinnitus in some thread, you may feel like referencing a thread on Tinnitus Talk - if it feels natural. Avoid spam and soliciting at all costs.
      • All Twitter/Facebook/Google+ mentions and links back to Tinnitus Talk help a lot. You might feel you have only 20 followers here, 100 friends there, or something, but each little drop quickly adds up.
      • In real life, if you go to tinnitus groups, sharing Tinnitus Talk with others could be something to consider. Or in other settings where you think there are tinnitus sufferers who might benefit from our community.
      Just remember: Only share Tinnitus Talk and talk about it when you feel like it's appropriate and it comes up naturally in fitting context.

      You are welcome to use any kind of banners, images, or text links, but if you can't come up with anything, this is one choice you could use as a banner when linking back to Tinnitus Talk:

      Thanks in advance. (y)

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