Xanax? Can I Take a Low Dosage As and When I Need It?

Discussion in 'Support' started by amandine, Nov 1, 2014.

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      Just wondering if I can take a low doseage of Xanax as and when I need it rather than be on them all the time. I have been trying to avoid taking chemicals - and I know benzoes are bad and I really do not want to take all this stuff.

      I have been able to avoid it most of the time although heaven knows how.
      However I am finding that sometimes my T goes thru the roof and I get real nervous and i cannot calm down. So for example a few days ago I went back on the Xanax. Well I took half a tab of 0.25mg so it was 0.125mg each day for 2 days and then third day I took a quarter so it was 0.062mg once that day.

      Then I had to go to the city so took nothing and the next day my T was really low so took nothing.Today my T is screaming having got louder and louder thru the day. Finally I am ploncked in front of TV looking at a future which I think now no longer exists. So I am wondering if it would be ok to take half a tablet as above which equals 0.125mg to calm me down and take the edge of my nervousness? Or am I making problems by taking this xanax on this as and when basis?

      Please let me know - the pill is sitting next to me and I wondered if may be I could get an answer before I take it.

      thanking you all
    2. billy43

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      hi amandine.i have pulsatile tinnitus .ive had it for over a year. the first 4 or 5 months were absolute hell.thank god im doing better now. to answer your question on Xanax. during that terrible time early on if I was extremely upset or anxious I would take a low dosage of Xanax.it helped immensely.and I only took it when I felt I really needed it.well luckily I haven't felt the need to take one in about three months. so I don't think theres anything wrong with taking it as needed. of course you should talk things over with your doctor first and foremost.ok good luck with things and hope you feel better. thanks billy 43
    3. Larry OT
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      The begining is hell as billy43 says and benzos helped me too at first, but I used them for 3 months every night, a small dose, but as i taper off, I am paying the price. It SUCKS.
      So be careful when you use Xanax. Its very addicting and its a slippery slope. I only used mine sparingly when I started, but now its a adding another pain to my T.
      Hopefully you won't feel the need as much and it will pass. The anxiety will always pass.
      Good luck and breathe deep. It helps.
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    4. valeri

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      I'm over 3 years in with t and still take it on as needed basis.
      Do what you have to do to get you through the rough patch!
    5. OddV

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      @amandine if you are planning on getting into AM101, they test for it, just FYI
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    7. Grace
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      I only take it when i need it.. Its short term so when you feel you need one for ex. Before going somewhere that your gonna be anxious or even if your just at home and havin a rough day. There fine short term thats what they are there for.. Being on them daily will cause dependance so i look at it as i will be on them the rest of my life but in short spurts.. Here and there not daily and thats totally okay for me. I get like a script and lasts bout 6-7 monthes so i think im doin just fine with it.. Use to have a script a month but i dont need that anymore and want to save from causing dependance... So short term= no dependance and that low dose will work for you forever without upping.
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    8. George Brady

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      bad meds
      I take it when my anxiety is high and it saved my life
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