Yes Another Year Gone and I Still Get Nowhere :¬(

Discussion in 'Support' started by madusmacus, Dec 31, 2014.

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      All the 32768 <joke> types of tinnitus are still discussed and ignored as if there is one type of tinnitus

      In my case purple noise somatic tinnitus.

      I am so ready for next years bout of specialists I see that say...
      1) you have tinnitus and we don't know anything about it - sorry come back next year in case we do
      2) you have the mystical tinnitus and there's is no treatments - sorry come back when ya dead

      Sorry for being so cynical but this IS how it works in my life

      Seems they cant be bothered to even discus the many variances of tinnitus and label it all as ..
      "A Global non understandable hearing problem"

      Anyway for those that can be happy - have a nice new year.
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      Loud noise
      What is purple noise somatic tinnitus?
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      Hi there :¬) sorry I didn't realy explain myself

      Purple noise can be found here

      Somatic tinnitus

      I am lucky that for me purple noise its not the worse type and I have done what the doctors ordered me to do and... "Sorry we cant help Get used to it!" and it does not annoy me so much but...

      It is so obvious its linked to stretching of muscles/nerves and so strange nothing is done to help
      P.S> sorry for being so negative

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