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      hey all, women, men, trans

      i started hearing ringing in my head some weeks ago after blasting Eminems music from my iPhone. The ringing did not came right there and then, but in the middle of the night. Lately I can barely can hear the ringing. Now the sound is more like a sound from an old TV, and I only hear it when i'm going to sleep. sometimes its even gone, and its all silence.

      I got a twin brother who is also suffering from the same thing, and we both got the same lifestyle. We're both 21 by the way, and no, tinnitus does not runs in our family. It's just a coincidence that we both have been blasting loud music.

      I've gone to a ear specialist or whatever you call it, and he told me everything looked fine, and the ringing would fade away. This was 2 weeks ago. but its still there.

      My twin brother can sleep perfectly fine, but I ofcurse havent been sleeping properly since I got it. The difference between me and him is that he seriosly doesnt care, he is still blasting loud music with his headphones. i told him to stop, but I got told to fuck off and i quote "mind your own god damn business,". and to be honest, at the end of the day. i dont really care how he live his life. its his choice.

      but lately ive been reading a lot of post and everyone seeem to use the word habituate

      my question is, what the hell does that even mean? what kind of stupid words is that? and no, I KNOW what that means. but what do you mean? like, what does it mean habituating? thats a very annoying word. does that mean you still hear the sound but ignores it? or is the ringing gone?

      how in the hell do i know if my ringing in ears is gone or "habituatet"? if i dont hear it, what does that mean? and what kind of word is tinnitus? really, they couldnt come up with a better name? no wounder they aint got no cure for this, the name is a joke.

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