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      Hi All -

      After goodness knows how many Doctors' Corner posts in response to all sorts of issues raised here by you good people, I would like to take a moment to raise one of my own.

      In response to something I wrote on the Support forum, one individual rudely posted "YOU HAVE NO CLUE!!!"

      The thing of it is, he might be right. I cannot creep into anybody's head and hear what he or she hears. I cannot become one with anybody's soul and feel what he or she feels. The only thing I can do is talk in generalities and make statements based upon my own knowledge and experience. I acknowledge those limitations. I am ever-mindful of those limitations.

      And to the fellow who yelled out "YOU HAVE NO CLUE," I would respectfully remind him that in the grand scheme of things none of us really has a clue. We are all here just trying to give it our very best shot.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler
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