You May Benefit from Hearing Aids Even If the Doctor Says You Don't Need Them

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      I was in a a doctor's office years ago with my tinnitus really loud and annoying in both ears. The doctor said I did not need hearing aids because I only had a mild loss.

      Several years later I insisted upon getting hearing aids at another place and they helped with tinnitus. You might can find someone who knows what they are doing and can program them right. For high pitched frequencies they can amplify the higher frequencies and take the noise reduction program off.

      Ask them if they can amplify the rest of the frequencies to get to -10db hearing which is really good hearing. The amplification in my right ear can eliminate most of the tinnitus in my right ear and reduce it some in my left ear. (My left ear is not maskable unless I am in the shower).

      I wish I had of done that before I got addicted to benzos. I hopefully will eventually come off them. I have reduced my dosage in half so far but this is over a period of months and I was only on .5mg!!! I can't stress enough how beneficial these can be for tinnitus and how the goal isn't to get you to hear voices but to limit your noticability to tinnitus. A 12khz hearing aid might benefit you even more.

      Usually these places will give you a trial period and a hearing aid places usually give you a hearing test but call before you go. I hope this info can help at least one person.
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