Zenith Labs — Sound Quility & Hearing X3 by Doctor Ryan Shelton — Scam? Reviews?

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by Contrast, Feb 4, 2019.

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      I believe these products are based on pseudoscience, here's my reasoning:

      These products hold scientific inconsistencies, this company appears to use questionable advertising methods like what seems to be paid actors, automated bots on social media, they promote a plethora of conspiracy theories.

      Dr. Ryan Shelton is an Alternative Medicine Practitioner, or as he labels himself a "Naturopathic Doctor" which is not a real licensed medical doctor but rather a non-scientific practice that holds controversy especially for people who suffer from muffled hearing, tinnitus, and noise-induced pain/discomfort such as myself and would like to see real science based medicine address these issues.

      Zenith Labs, the sister organization of the now semi defunct SparkHealthMedia, is an alternative medicine company owned by Daniel Toh, located in Auckland, New Zealand, however its mascot and only public representative is "Doctor" Ryan Shelton. Mr. Shelton sells consumable all-natural supplements claiming to treat various medical conditions "nature's way", some of these conditions cannot be appropriately addressed by conventional modern science and alternative non-science based medical practitioners like Ryan Shelton believe they have answers where science doesn't, such as addressing "hearing loss, tinnitus, and whatever poor definition of the word "hyperacusis" is, as well as other conditions claiming nature has all the answers.


      Company name: Neuromod
      Product: Lenire
      Goal: Stimulate the auditory brain through the trigeminal nerve to alleviate tinnitus
      Trial: Active

      Company name: University of Michigan
      Product: Signal Timing Device
      Trial: Active
      Goal: Stimulate the auditory brain through the vagus nerve to alleviate tinnitus

      Company name: Frequency Therapeutics
      product: FX-322
      Trial: Active
      Goal: Regenerate cochlear hair cells
      (one of their scientist stated on reddit that regenerating hair cells should undo neuroplastic changes in tinnitus)

      Company name: Otonomy
      Product: Oto-413
      Trial: Starts sometime this year
      Goal: Regenerate cochlear ribbon synapses
      (curing hearing loss may cure tinnitus in some cases, though they did not mention this)

      Company name: Decibel Therapeutics
      Product: DB-XX5
      Trial: Still far away on the pipeline
      Goal: Regenerate synapses, and possibly other cochlear nerve fibers
      They stated treating cochlear neuropathy would treat tinnitus along with hearing loss.

      These are real bio-companies using science based approaches to finding treatments for hearing loss, hearing disorders and tinnitus, they are not using unproven medicine, they have peer reviewed results, publications and clinical trials. They don't rely on paid actors or online marketing gimmicks, they don't have to do any of that when they use real scientific methods.
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