Nov 13, 2011
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    1. whale
      I may have EMF related tinnitus. Do you have any updates?
    2. Sarah Russett
      Sarah Russett
      Hello Calin! Could you possibly update your thread on diatomaceous earth? I'm interested to hear about it. Thanks.
    3. kurite
      Hello Calin!
      I saw your post about the electrical device youre using for tinnitus and was wondering if theres any update?
    4. kaitlyn
      Hello calin, I am a teenager with t. Would love to join your page and hopefully I'll be able to focus on the positives. Thank you
    5. jennifer anderson
      jennifer anderson
      i am taking gingko and st johns wort not doing much good will be having tests in two weeks however after reading some of the posts i dont see it doing any good keep busy seems to be the answer however i enjoy silence and dont want to continually e having to do something to take my mind off it it doesnt work anyway jennifer
      1. calin
        Jennifer, yes, you may want to move on with other supplements. Keep trying out different ones and see what helps. I understand about the silence. Before T, silence was taken for granted! ;) For right now though, try not to look for silence.... just take your focus away from the sound.
        Apr 26, 2013
    6. jennifer anderson
      jennifer anderson
      hi i have pulsatile tinitus for some six weeks will be undergoing tests shortly however dont see much coming out of is taking over my life and i cant sleep jennifer
      1. calin
        Are you taking any supplements? On any medications? Have you gone to a doc and asked for something to calm you so you can sleep?
        Apr 26, 2013
    7. Andy
      Good luck
    8. Jeff
      Hi Calin, It was your posts that I first read when coming to this forum. I've read some of them on UST, yet never got to the end of the thread for it was late at night. You were into your 8th week when I decided to turn out the lights. Has it gotten better up to now? I feel as though I've known you far longer than 24 hours...Lol!
      1. calin
        I can't comment for more than a couple of words here - I will go to your new thread....
        Jul 3, 2012
    9. joe
      Hi Calin, How did you get your tinnitus, was it noise? head injury? or something other?
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