Jan 18, 2012
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Recruitment consultant

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Member, Male, from UK

:( Jun 4, 2021

    1. joe
    2. joe
      Anyone been cured recently?
    3. Amira
      Hi Joe, hope your well
      , I have tinnitus from noise induce about 2months in now and I'm really interested in doing HOB therapy. Can I Ask Where did You go For the treatment. I'm from UK, London and how much is it aswell? Hope isn't expensive I'm a student

    4. nills
      Hi Joe,

      I`m going to India in february for privat trip but wanted to go and see a doctor that can administer Tinnex. I emailed them through the website but no reply thus far. I found the telephone nr in the Tinnex thread that you shared. Do you have some more info. Is it a very busy clinic or do you think I can book an appointment once in India?

      All the best,

    5. jennifer anderson
      jennifer anderson
      hi i have pulsatile tinitus for some six weeks will be undergoing tests shortly however dont see much coming out of is taking over my life and i cant sleep jennifer
    6. Katarina
      Hello Joe,

      just a question: were you told to eat Vitamin E supplement during your HBOT? If not, did you experience any negative side effects of the therapy?
      I am freaking out a bit .. I already have 11 sessions behind me and I have just realized that instead of taking the stipulated 400 mg, I've only been taking 20 mg. :/

      Thank you.

      1. Eric N
        Eric N
        Hi Katarina,
        IS HBOT working for you at all? you had T since 1986?
        Jan 31, 2013
    7. Shelley
      Hi Joe, really hoping you can help me. I have had T for around 5 weeks, I read that you found somewhere in the UK that uses HBOT. Can you let me know where you went to recieve the treatment? How long did it take for you to get an appointment ect? Any help would me much appreiated.
      I do hope your tinnitus has become more livable. It's a horrid thing. Thanks Shelley
    8. lou
      Hi Joe,
      Do you know of any other person that has gone.I'm very interested in the results achived there.Or if there is something you have heard that , you might not want to go.I am from Canada so it is a very long trip from here.Have been to Germany for botox and did not really help. So would like some feed back from India before I try that, Would be gratefull for any info. Thank you Lou
      1. joe
        Hi Lou, I dont know anyone who has been there yet, I am trying to obtain visas to attend
        Jun 8, 2012
    9. metalk
      Hi Joe,

      I'm glad that your T was reduced 25%. Can I please ask you if that has still sustained? How long has it been since your HBOT?

      I got T/H a month ago after using a drill machine; My appointment is next week but I'm still hesitating to do it because of the cost and effort.
      May I ask you how well you are coping with T or if you have habituated yourself to it? Was your T noise induced?

      I wish you the best
      1. joe
        Hi Buddy, I would recommend HBOT, dont delay as the longer you do, the less it becomes effective, my t has stayed at the reduced level
        May 15, 2012
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    Recruitment consultant
    Tinnitus Since:
    October 2011
    I got Tinnitus in October 2011 from a very loud noise, my ears started ringing instantly and never stopped from that day.

    I wish to share my research and what I know, and vice versa in order to find relief from this perception of sound known as Tinnitus.

    I hope some day our prayers will be answered with a cure, and have that silence we all lost.