carol kane
Nov 27, 2013
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Lincolnshire united kingdom

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    1. Cosimo
      Hi, thanks for your post... And hope you getting better too . I think I learning how to manage this condition . I been able to control the noise some how. We need to brave, but I admit that at some point I even cry like a coward..... Pray helps very much..... My regards
      1. carol kane likes this.
    2. Jack Tate
      Jack Tate
      Hi Carol
      Hope things are going ok. Hope you don't mind I read, you got t from noise as your husband was working with a high pitch drill. Do you blame him? I got mine from what my wife told me to do. I'm trying to forgive her. Takes time I guess.
      Would be kind to hear from you.
      Sincerely Jack
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      2. Jack Tate
        Jack Tate
        Ok ... thanks for trying! Best to you and family!
        Jul 26, 2014
      3. carol kane
        carol kane
        can you in box me just put hello and then i can write back to you.
        Jul 26, 2014
      4. Jack Tate
        Jack Tate
        this might be silly, I don't know how. I looked to see to send message (in box) see nothing. All I can see is start a conversation?
        Jul 27, 2014
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