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Mar 1, 2021
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May 19, 2021
    1. Anniz
      hey did you get any relief since the first days? any lesser? any changes?
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      2. Anniz
        I read online that because my eustachian tubes are dysfunctioning, it might cause temporary hearing loss like that. Since my tinnitus started ive had so many weird ear moments . I never wouldve known tinnitus can cause so much more than just ringing.
        Apr 8, 2021
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      3. ColoredCat
        Yeah I've also been having some weird things happening from Tinnitus but it's supposedly more of a symptom so I guess all the ear pain and jaw/neck pain is somewhat connected or is causing/contributing either to the tinnitus itself or to my massive attention to it... I've even been having more and more headaches on my tinnitus side lately so it's concerning
        Apr 9, 2021
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      4. ColoredCat
        I do also have my tinnitus ear popping when I drink or swallow and while my other ear is fine, but unfortunately, I don't know/remember if I had that before so no idea if I had any kind of ETD before that could have caused these weird auditory phenomenons where we lose hearing and whatnot. I did always have a stuffed nose for pretty much all of my life so maybe that played some kind of influence somewhere
        Apr 9, 2021
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    24 February 2021
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    Hit on the face while wearing earphones (maybe TMJ?)