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Yes, I've had Tinnitus since 1990. It wasn't severe at first but by the mid nineties it was pretty bad. Sep 6, 2022

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Sep 27, 2023 at 12:23 PM
    1. Josh59
      On the basis of Dr Shore's theory and the hyperactivity of the DCN, do you think that tinnitus can worsen (increase in volume) over time because of the DCN?
      (The cause not being the noise of everyday life, but rather a form of hyperactivity, involving the trigeminal and dorsal nerves in the jaw and neck, for example).
      So what do you think?
      Thank you
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    2. HopeForSilence
      [QUOTE="dj_newark, post: 681836, member: 1401"]No, are you not familiar with Dr. Lim's work at the University of Minnesota? The current Lenire is a joke. The next version based on his work will be game changing.[/QUOTE]
      Are there any information on the next version of this device out? From where do you know that?
    3. Ken219
      Hi @dj_newark just curious I think we are in close proximity. I hope you're doing okay. I didn't mean my question to be insulting. I have tinnitus since 1989 so I've tried treatments I could afford.
      1. KoolKat
        Sorry to hear that man, 1989 it angers me that you didnt get to experience the 90s and early 2000s tinnitus free. i missed out on most my 20s and college experiences.
        Feb 4, 2023
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    4. KoolKat
      much Props 2 you for reaching out to susie and sharing that post from her, that really brighten my weekend n gave me some hope. I really hope we are in the last years of living in a world without no treatments. I personally think no i Know for a fact if susan or other scientists had unlimited backings a treatment would of been out years ago. fingers crossed bro hopefully we get an early christmas gift lol.
    5. dj_newark
      Yes, I've had Tinnitus since 1990. It wasn't severe at first but by the mid nineties it was pretty bad.
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      2. KoolKat
        Dam that really freakin sucks that you didnt get to experience the 90s without tinnitus, like those are the freakin Golden years the years people including me all think fondly of, but instead it was probably spent dealing with this
        Nov 20, 2022
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      3. KoolKat
        and trust me i know from 2013 the year i got this and onward life has been a blur, its no longer life, i get sad/jealous when people talk about events post 2013 and onward. but anyway i dont got to tell you guys this you already know LOL. but hey we gonna make it.
        Nov 20, 2022
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    6. KoolKat
      wassup man did you really have this since 1990?
      1. dj_newark
        Yes, I have had Tinnitus since 1990. Facts!
        Oct 22, 2022
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      2. KoolKat
        sorry for the late reply, but GOOD GOD i couldnt imagine how isolated you must of felt back then dealing with this. its 2022 and docs barely know what this is Back then im sure was HELL.
        Nov 20, 2022
      3. KoolKat
        But i Have to ask with all thats going on and since you are an OG, do you think from the ups and downs, all the tinnitus treatment trails that have all come and gone since the 90s that we are super close or is this a recurring thing. i literally see post made a decade ago of folks saying in 5-10 years and its like nothing changed.
        Nov 20, 2022
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