Mar 14, 2022
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Can botox reduce chronic somatosensory tinnitus? Do you have any experience of botulinic toxin ? Apr 18, 2024 at 11:06 AM

    1. Josh59
      Can botox reduce chronic somatosensory tinnitus? Do you have any experience of botulinic toxin ?
    2. Josh59
      My tinnitus is very strong because of eustachian tube dysfunction in addition to my painful hyperacusis. Have any people found solutions?
    3. Josh59
      Can my jaw problems aggravate my painful hyperacusis (TTTS) and the intensity of my somatosensory tinnitus? The main cause is sound trauma
      1. MindOverMatter
        I would say definetly yes @Josh59 - speaking out of my own personal experience with tmd/tmj issues ++ for many, many years.
        Jan 5, 2024
    4. Josh59
      Does anyone have a link to a video or file for physical relaxation exercises for the neck, cervical and eustachian tube muscles?
      1. Michael_
        Oct 6, 2023
        Josh59 likes this.
      2. Josh59
        Thank you for your time. I hadn't seen your answer. I'll have a look.
        Oct 25, 2023
    5. Josh59
      My nerves got the better of me last week My T, including somatosensory tinnitus, is stronger and more reactive to sound. What do you think?
    6. Josh59
      I am looking for links to publications by doctors/researchers on sound reactive tinnitus in the context of hyperacusis.
    7. Josh59
      My tinnitus is even louder, perhaps because my eustachian tubes crack when I swallow or breathe in.
      1. aab and RunningMan like this.
      2. RunningMan
        I've always had a little of that going on with swallowing even before I ever had any clicking, fluttering, or distressing level of tinnitus. But not from breathing.
        Aug 1, 2023
    8. Josh59
      What solutions do you suggest to reduce the intensity of my somatosensory tinnitus? They get worse over time in my jaw, neck and nape.
    9. Josh59
      Painful hyperacusis and also increasingly strong tinnitus reactive either to sound or to my jaw, neck, eustachian tube...
      1. GG_Ear
        How would you describe your hyperacusis pain? For the last three weeks I feel like I have a constant dull earache, sometimes a raw feeling of heat inside my right ear.
        Oct 25, 2023
    10. KoolKat
      @Josh59 Hopefully by 2024 we get the results we been looking for and we outta this shit
      forever. no more tinnitus research no more looking at data, no more hoping, no more sounds, just
      minimal to no tinnitus for all of us.
      1. Cmspgran, brixenbrixen and sakrt like this.
      2. Josh59
        You're in the United States. You'll be able to try the device before I do. I hope it works. I have somatosensory tinnitus which I can modulate with my jaw, neck... but it can also be reactive to sound. I also have painful hyperacusis. I don't know if it's the sound that makes it worse or the nerves.
        Jun 5, 2023
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      3. brixenbrixen
        jes plis
        Jun 6, 2023
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    11. KoolKat
      @Josh59 I cant believe this sh1t man, i really hope shores device pulls through for us,
      i just dont understand how a device thats been under development for dam near 20 years still has hiccups like this. my gosh. sorry for the random rant but dam man i WAS really hoping we wouldnt have these types of issues. All we can do i guess is leave it up to God.
      1. sakrt likes this.
    12. OnlyUP
      Hi @Josh59 , sounds like we have a very similar experience. I have H and T, the T is reactive but also effected by various positions (jaw, head to the side, bending over, etc.). Mine came on in January, how about you? Hae you seen any improvement yet? My H has improved quite a bit from its worst point (April).
      1. Josh59 likes this.
      2. Josh59
        Thank you for your message.
        No, my H has only been getting worse for the last 5 years. It has been getting worse since the T arrived, even though I no longer go to noisy places.
        The main cause is music.
        This is why I wonder if my jaw problems, nervous tension, neck, TSS do not accentuate the somatosensory modulated T and H.
        I am planning to move to a quieter place to reduce stress and anxiety.
        Jul 16, 2022
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