May 17, 2017
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    1. Chris Leonard
      Chris Leonard
      I would appreciate your perspective on this as I have been rather confused. Fyi I've no hearing loss, above average, and the ear pressure test the ENT did was fine. Thanks, Chris.
    2. Chris Leonard
      Chris Leonard
      I saw an ENT and he removed a lot of wax and my ringing is much better as I only need to mask it when I sleep but the low hum vibration sound has persisted and fluctuates in intensity, sometimes I don't really hear it but when I do it's not a fixed sound like the ringing, its changeable like I said above.
    3. Chris Leonard
      Chris Leonard
      This caused a constant ringing sound in both ears coupled with low frequency humming sound that comes/goes. I can stop the humming if I turn my head upside down. If I tap on the table, talk or rotate my head I can stop it momentarily.
    4. Chris Leonard
      Chris Leonard
      Hi Gman, in a recent thread you mentioned that people who experienced sudden unexpected loud sounds (acoustic shock) are likely to have TTTS/stapedius spasms. I was exposed to a couple sudden unexpected deep loud sounds from a person sitting left of me.
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