I who love music
Dec 22, 2013
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Retired Health Worker

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I who love music

Member, Male, from Michigan

    1. SharonBell
      That’s how I feel also, buts there is no way I could deal without sound therapy during the day and at night. Have you heard of someone having it in there head? Did you I WHO LOVE MUSIC have it in your head or just your ears?
    2. SharonBell
      I who love music. You say measuring the tinnitus seems to increase it. Mine is all the time in my head so it’s hard not to hear it. I don’t measure it actually it’s always there continuously and I always hear it no matter what.
    3. SharonBell
      I’m having a really hard time with my tinnitus it’s in my head 24/7 buzzing-static. My hair cells are damaged also. I have sensorineural tinnitus with hearing loss in extended high frequency. I wanted to ask also did you go and get your hearing checked?
    4. lis
      How do I use your method with a sound-evoked distortion that sounds like a horrific explosion..that is triggered by many everyday sounds? It's not ignorable bc it comes with incoming sounds and it's intense. Please help. Thank you.
    5. Younggirl
      Hello. I have a question for u. I am a little confused by some of the things u write. Is your tinnitus gone? Or is It just filtered out so that u cannot hear it? :-)
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      2. threefirefour
        filtered his post is clickb8
        Nov 17, 2019
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      3. I who love music
        I who love music
        I would say filtered out so I can't hear it. if I listen FOR it, it reappears. The inner ear hair cells were blaster away years ago. I'll have clinical tinnitus forever.
        Nov 23, 2019
      4. threefirefour
        C L I C C

        B 8
        Nov 23, 2019
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    6. angela505
      This makes sense to me. I am trying it. Thank You.
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    7. Karen Skipper
      Karen Skipper
      Hello, I was inspired by your experience, I’ve started my list. Is this right accept & allow the noise, try not to have negative thoughts. Did you mask the sound at night thank you Karen
    8. Markku
      Happy new year! Your Back to Silence has been such a well received method among many of our members. Thanks for caring and trying to improve the lives of others!
    9. Llouiseandhector
      Hello I was wondering how you feeling and do you still get ear fullness I have had for a good while now and it's driving me mad
    10. Luman
      I'm trying the Back to Silence method, it's extremely logical, and am very hopeful. There are some close similarities to your life, past experiences, and mine. I have a question about something to do with the method that would be better kept private, and would appreciate if you could PM me if you have time. Thanks very much.
      1. I who love music
        I who love music
        It works. What's up?
        Sep 15, 2017
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      2. Luman
        Not important, just wondering about something, never mind. Thanks again, your work is appreciated very much.
        Sep 15, 2017
    11. Bob94
      Hey IWLM,

      i wanted to ask if i can also do your "Back to Silence" exercice in my native language? (german)
      As well I'm asking myself, if "busy" is an emotion or feeling? So just saying and writing what I'm thinking right now? :)
      Your a hero in my eyes. Hope u enjoy your life to the fullest now.

      best wishes,
      1. I who love music
        I who love music
        When I was "busy" I'd just say "content." This really works. Keep up the good work, it gets easier. Terry
        Sep 4, 2017
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    12. Chredgat

      Just wanted to say thanks for your stories, they really did give me a new perspective on my T. Seeing that someone can live with this problem for over 40 and maintain a positive outlook on life really showed me that it's not the end and I should do my best to carry on living.

      Thanks so much and please keep posting.
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    13. leelo
      Hey this the first time my T has been so loud in a very long time. I actually havent been on this website for two years thinking i have already conquered this and was moving forward. But i went to a concert and my T is extremely loud now. Any advice on how to deal with sudden onset of loud T? And i see u have given up concerts and movies. I love both. Do you think i have to give it up?
    14. Lovetotravel76
      I just watched your Back To Silence video and I am going to implement this tonight. I hope and pray that it works. My tinnitus have taken over my life and I am so scared.
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    15. AthenaRoseTesla
      Hello! I wanted to ask if T has affected your guitar playing at all?
      1. I who love music
        I who love music
        YES. In the late 70's electric music drove me head first into acoustic music. In the acoustic realm I love to play blues, celtic, well, all kinds of stuff. Several other acoustic instruments too. Plus I've taught many people through the years. I give tinnitus all the credit.
        Mar 13, 2014
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    Retired Health Worker
    Tinnitus Since:
    mid seventies
    Loud music did me in. I've tried lots of remedies since the 70's. The best remedy for me is to avoid loud music, let my ears settle down and protect them often. I've given up loud concerts and movie theaters. But I have more fun musically just playing acoustically to people who want to hear ME. It's great treatment, it makes me totally forget my tinnitus. Here on the forum I learned about a method that has greatly helped me, it's called Back To Silence.