Mar 3, 2016
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    1. Llouiseandhector
      Do you still get it ? I have started suffering with it and ent can't find anything mri and mra normal have to see someone who deals with hearing and balance next week
      1. Jkph75
        Do I still get ear fullness? Yes, I do. It is partially due to hearing loss and also pressure changes.
        Oct 11, 2017
    2. Llouiseandhector
      Hello how are you feeling now I was just wondering abot the ear fullness you get
    3. Mike M
      Mike M
      Hey there,
      My fiancee has been having some hearing issues, primarily with all pitches getting progressively higher over the past 2 years (in addition to minor tinnitus). She's feeling very discouraged, as she is a musician and it is messing with her work.
      I stumbled across this website, and your account as well. I hope to hear back from you, about what you may know or any advice you may have. Thank you kindly,
      1. Jkph75
        I'm sorry. I don't think I have any advice. The pitches of my tinnitus were getting higher when I was on a higher dose of Prednisone. Now I think they are getting lower. My pitches change all the time. I have no idea why.
        Oct 18, 2016
    4. mjf009
      Hi spoke to the hydrops specialist last night he's recommend a drug to be given by a doctor and a strict diet to follow for 10 days. But said hes seen good results just from the diet. Im starting mine tomorrow. If you want a copy to try send me your email add and i will send the attachment. Thanks Matt
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