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Feb 28, 2022
Sep 5, 2014
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Juan Carlos

Member, Male, from Spain

28/4/2015 Started Keppra 500mg x 1 Apr 29, 2015

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Feb 28, 2022
    1. Toby1972
      Hi there,
      you also reported a scam product. I tried the ForgTin, it's really expensive (449 euros), absolutely useless product, definitely a scam.
      www.forgtin.com (google: pansatori gmbh for reviews)
      Now the company owner, Klaus Grübl, has lots of fake google reviews written.
      Can you help him get fair 1 star ratings?
      Thanks very much!
      Best regards,
    2. Taylorslay
      Do tell me, did your Hyperacusis ever come back after using Keppra? If it has stayed gone do tell me, what your dosage was and how long it took to go away.
    3. Kyxwz
      Hi Juan, i have some question for you about trobalt! Could i ask something to you?
    4. PnL67
      is what keppra relieved your hyperacusis ?
      1. Juan Carlos
        Nov 9, 2015
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    5. Lucero
      Hola. Soy una chica española. Llevo leyendo este foro varios meses y he visto que hay gente como tú que ha probado el Trobalt. Me gustaría ponerme en contacto contigo (email, foro, movil o lo que sea) para que me aconsejes sobre este tema. Me he registrado hoy así que no sé si este foro tiene la opción de enviar mensajes privados. Gracias
    6. Juan Carlos
      Juan Carlos
      28/4/2015 Started Keppra 500mg x 1
      1. Geo likes this.
    7. Juan Carlos
      Juan Carlos
      30/12/15 8pm: 400 4am 300 12am: 200
    8. Juan Carlos
      Juan Carlos
      5/12/2014 Started 300x3 on weekends and 300x2 +(100+100) on weekdays, gonna week on here for many weeks
    9. Juan Carlos
      Juan Carlos
      27/11/2014: at night Increased dose to 200x3. I dont feel much difference, little disappointed. maybe i just was expecting too much
      1. RaZaH
        frustrating I am sure, weird though ?
        Nov 28, 2014
      2. Juan Carlos
        Juan Carlos
        no weird, most people experienced the big improvement at 900, so i shouldn't expect lot at 600, anyways I rated it at night wich is always higher
        Nov 28, 2014
      3. RaZaH
        ah, true , hope it kicks in for you.
        Do you feel drugged at all on this dosage ?
        Nov 28, 2014
    10. Juan Carlos
      Juan Carlos
      21/11/2014: Raised dose to 150 x3, and on weekdays 150x150x100 Urinate Hesistation. And urine less frequent
    11. Juan Carlos
      Juan Carlos
      17/11/2014 night: started Retigabine on dose 100+100+50. No side effects. No big change on T, but specially when i wake up seems very low
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    12. Juan Carlos
      Juan Carlos
      check my information tab for info about my T ----------->
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    Tinnitus Since:
    I rate my T as 3-4/10, it sounds sometimes like an Sparkling pill and sometimes more like hissing at 4000Hz, but most of the time is a mix of them. Tiring and stressfull days make it louder. Normally I dont hear it in my noisy office, but always in a silent room. i think its around 10db, and surely near 4k Hz. I dont have any problem to sleep and never took medication. Now taking NAC and seriously thinking about Retigabine wich i already bought in Spain without prescription

    Im not sure about its cause, started slowly in feb/2014, cant attach to a specific day, so im almost discarting accoustic trauma, but I also went to some discos over that time. Pretty sure the high stress I had on that time is partial cause of my T. Also worth to mention that a month before I had my first and big back contraction when I was doing a big effort in the gym.

    I have completely normal life, except I avoid Discos and loud places, my T is not intrusive. Even I'm quite obsessed with it, as always when I want to solve some problem, I dont stop until finding a solution
    All this year I've been really worried about my T. I have another friend with much louder T wich absolutely doesn't care about it, well it depends on every person reaction. Since feb/14 haven't been a single day that i didn't think about for some time, not because its intrusive for me but because of wonders about the science behind it, the causes, cures etc.

    Even my T is not severe, I can assure that T. is the worst thing happened in my life.
    I can't imagine how could be my life if this happened 10 years ago when there was no hope like Retigabine or Aut63 and it was severe T.

    Special thanks to MPT for being brave enought to test Retigabine. And all the other forum users for spending lot of time in researching and sharing experiences