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Aug 26, 2022
    1. Thuan
      Reading your story is so sad but I'm glad your hearing recovered in 3 months after the tympanometry. Did your T recover too? I hope you're doing better.
    2. shasta0863
      Hello, I'm curious about your Tympanometry. I had one too, and I'm wondering what yours was like? Supposedly these are safe, do you know if you had one that included an Acoustic reflex test too?

      They used a device into my ear, for about 7-8 seconds. It made a low frequency beep a few times. Was relatively quick. Was this the same for you? Any insight on what you experienced during your test I'd appreciate.
      1. Marceline likes this.
      2. Marceline
        I did Tympanometry together with Acoustic reflex tests. Most ENT combine it and call it onyl "Tympanometry", but or "Impendance test", but in fact it's tympanometry PLUS acoustic reflex test.

        They put a device in my ear. They came pressure into my ear (Tympanometry) and in the same time loud beeping noises (Acoustic Reflex Test)

        Inmediately after this, my inner hair cells died and i could hear less in my ear :(
        Jan 21, 2019
      3. shasta0863
        So sorry to hear, the ignorance of these medical professionals is unreal. Was the beeping noise a low freq. one, consistent in tone? Or did it get louder, and louder as it continued?
        Jan 27, 2019
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