What Does Habituation to Tinnitus Mean?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Michael Leigh, Dec 12, 2015.

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      What does habituation to tinnitus mean?

      Although I have written a post titled: Answers to hyperacusis and habituation, I would like to give my opinion of it again. I have read some posts where people believe when habituation is reached, the tinnitus is no longer heard but this is incorrect.

      Put simply, habituation to tinnitus means one can live with the tinnitus and not be bothered by it. Although it may still be heard, the brain is not troubled by it. On the other hand, each person will experience habituation differently. For some, the tinnitus will reduce to a level where it is hardly heard and for others the tinnitus might be moderate, or even severe at times and the person is is able to cope and not be troubled by the noise. Habituation is about the brain accepting the tinnitus.

      However, in my opinion, habituation does have its limitations. If tinnitus is severe and intrusive enough and this level is sustained for a period of time, the level of intensity can become too much for a person and they may need medication like Clonazapam (which I take) and is sometimes prescribed for people that have severe tinnitus. Clonazapam might not help everyone and if taken regularly, the body quickly habituates and more needs to be taken to get the same relief. Unfortunately, this drug can be addictive with unpleasant side effects, so monitoring by a GP is advised.

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    2. glynis

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      For me,
      Habituation means I know it will never go and sever 24/7 and never lets up.
      I have accepted tinnitus is a part of me now and their is now way around not ever noticing it as its way to loud and now left to cope with it any way I can.
      I am proud of our NHS and they are supportive and provided me with the latest duel purpose hearing aids to help take the edge off my tinnitus.
      Have I habituated ? Yes to some degree as I know I can't beat it but take a bit of pleasure knowing I have devices help me control it and the impact it has on my life has changed.
      I have total control over what makes me happy and got use to my noisy way of life ( habituated )..lots of love glynis
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    3. Mark Beehre

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      Habituation to me is going long periods without noticing my tinnitus.

      Today for example, I have only noticed it a few times and only because I was actively listening for it checking how bad it was.

      Habituation doesn't mean you will never hear your tinnitus again. Habituation means that when you hear it you will just shrug your shoulders and keep doing what you were doing beforehand.
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    4. TtotheInnitusBoy

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      Habituation for me is just accepting that I have T. Sure, I can always hear my T but I don't always focus on it. Even when I do focus on it, so what? It triggers no emotional response, it's completely as natural as the sun shining on my arm or something.

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