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Mar 10, 2023
    1. Blix M. Paraglot
      Blix M. Paraglot
      As of October 2022, is Neosensory still helping you and do you still consider it a worthwhile therapy? After reading several of your posts, you come across as level-headed and trustworthy and your opinion would be valuable to me.
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    2. Blix M. Paraglot
      Blix M. Paraglot
      I admire your positive attitude. I have to remind myself that tinnitus / hyperacusis are more manageable when one's mind set is positive.

      I'm in the process of making a decision regarding Neosensory. It's not cheap, and I already spent $4000 on Neuromonics back in 2007, back when my condition was less severe. I would celebrate if I could go back to the 2007 level.
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      3. Blix M. Paraglot
        Blix M. Paraglot
        Transcendental Meditation, sorry. When I was able to get some sleep again, I started meditating again, and that helped everything, including the tinnitus. Even with my tinnitus and hyperacusis more severe than they were fifteen years ago, I still practice TM daily. Nothing takes the edge off tinnitus as effectively as meditation, in my experience.
        Oct 13, 2022
      4. Forever hopeful
        Forever hopeful
        @Blix M. Paraglot,
        I’m terrible at meditation. I might be the biggest funky at meditation ever. And I know it would help me.
        Oct 13, 2022
      5. Blix M. Paraglot
        Blix M. Paraglot
        Everybody is terrible at meditation, including me. :-) I just decided to do it anyway because it helps me. I used to judge myself for not doing it right. Now I don't worry about it.
        Oct 16, 2022
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